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BookClub Academy?

BookClub Academy is a microschool partnered and apprenticed with BookClub in order to provide the students with real-world, hands-on experiences in business, communications, video production, graphic design, programming, and more. 

In addition to this apprenticeship with BookClub, our model also combines the best aspects of a premier education, including: liberal arts, book-based learning, real world projects, and wholistic learning while leaving behind the obsolete/outdated educational practices that dominate the public school system.

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"When we ask our students 'what did you do at school today' the answer used to be 'don't remember' or 'recess', but now at BookClub Academy, we're met with debates on current events or what circuit they built or what logo they've designed or what book they are reading."

"Our kids came from a great public school, but we wanted a model to explore--apprenticeships, projects, skills, sports, musics, cooking. We wanted a model that would protect and grow our student's love of learning and the teachers have done an amazing job!"

Mikel (parent)

David (parent)

Brennen (one of the teachers) helped me realize that I am capable of far more than I realized. He helped me see that I was selling myself short.

I love going to school!

Tad (student)

Titan (student)

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