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About BookClub Academy

The BookClub Academy Mission Statement

At BookClub Academy

We always do our best and expect the same from other students and teachers.

We work hard even if something is challenging.

We listen to our teachers and our peers.

We spend the time necessary to finish a job.

We value all questions no matter how obvious the answers might seem to others.

We prioritize predominant things and don’t waste time.

We foster friendships and make sure everyone is included.

We know that enjoyment is part of development.

We welcome learning and are getting better at it as we go.


What we teach

At BookClub Academy, we value skills and experiences as well as "content".

We try to strike a balance between traditional school subjects and unique educational opportunities.

Traditional school subjects include:

  • Math

  • History

  • Science

  • P.E.

  • Language Arts (reading/writing/discussion)

Unique educational opportunities include:

  • Apprenticeship

  • Long-term individual/class projects

  • Cooking

  • School trips

Made by a student

What is a microschool?

A microschool seeks to split the difference between a homeschool environment and a traditional public school environment.  We currently have 8 students and are aiming for 12-15 students.  This strikes an optimal balance of student interaction with professional attention.  The opportunities and resources available in our microschool are unmatched.


Thinking outside the desk

Mark Twain said, "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education".
Many of life's greatest lessons and most treasured memories are found outside the classroom.  Our students regularly spend time together pursuing recreation and mastery outside the classroom.  Such activities include skiing, hiking, pottery, etc.  We encourage our students to be open to new experiences and challenges.  We are always looking for ways to maximize opportunities for our students.   We never want a student to miss out on life because they were "supposed to be in class".

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BookClub Academy is partnered with with in an apprenticeship relationship.  This relationship allows students to be directly mentored by BookClub employees in marketable skills including: graphic design, communications, business administration, programming, filming, video editing, and much more.

This apprenticeship will eventually culminate with BookClub Academy students being given real development and maintenance responsibilities with the YA and middle-grade content on 

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Liberal Arts

Whereas some schools might emphasize the learning of content, deference to arbitrary rules, reliance on extrinsic motivators, etc, students at BookClub Academy pursue the love of learning, the acquisition of skills, the ability to collaborate, and intrinsically motivated personal growth.

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Book-based learning

Books are perhaps the most relevant tool for life-long learning.  At BookClub Academy we want to instill our students with the love of reading and the skills to engage/digest all kinds of books.  

In the near future, BookClub Academy will be curating a list of YA and Middle-grade books on the BookClub platform.



Because of the flexibility and resources available to students of BookClub Academy, we put a strong emphasis on projects.  Some of the projects completed by students in our first year include: constructing and launching model rockets, starting a business, creating plays and short films, constructing a hydroponics system, several robotics projects, and much more.

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