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BookClub Apprenticeship

The built-in apprenticeship design is what makes BookClub Academy truly unique. 

There are public schools with a liberal arts focus, charter schools with a hands-on/project-based approach, and private schools with progressive ideas about grades and student growth.  

What all these models lack, and the reason BookClub Academy was created, is the apprenticeship relationship with  The skills developed through this internship are not only an amazing opportunity for education, but also equip students with years of experience in high-demand areas of the market.


A large part of the BookClub platform involves producing premier video content.  Students at BookClub academy get the benefit of being coached in filming, sound, and video editing by some of the best professionals in the business.  They gain experience using industry-level tools including some of the recording equipment and Adobe Premiere.


Graphic Design

Students learn to produce original graphical content using Sketchbook, Procreate, and Adobe InDesign.



Students engage in real, high-stakes communications with authors and other relevant professionals (under adult supervision of course).



Students learn a variety of programming languages including Java and Python.  They also learn web-development languages including HTML, Javascript, and CSS.



Students get an up-close view of the management of a real company.  They get to see how tough decisions are made and how those decisions play out in the real world.

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Apprenticeship: Activities
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