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What is a microschool?

A microschool is a small private school that capitalizes on the best aspects of both homeschool and public school.  Although there are some similarities, a microschool is not the same as a homeschool co-op as microschools have paid, professional instructors.

How is BookClub Academy different from other schools?

BookClub Academy offers hands-on projects, but so do many schools. 
BookClub Academy offers the Socratic Method, but so do many schools.
Same with many other aspects.
The thing that really makes BookClub Academy stand out is the internship opportunities through the partnership with  We know of no other schools where students have such close contact/coaching from industry professionals.

What age and level of students are accepted?

BookClub Academy accepts students from age 10 and up.  The books we read together are mostly middle grade and YA books.  The internship opportunities are specifically designed for teenagers but can be tailored to any age.

What is the schedule of BookClub Academy?

BookClub Academy runs weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 and follows a year-round school schedule.

How much does it cost?

We believe that the educational opportunities, resources, and teacher/student ratio are on par with the finest private schools. 
Tuition for BookClub Academy is $1000/month (per student).  However, full or partial scholarships are available through the school.

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